Our Story

You want accessories and you don’t want to enter the sun to go get it. You don’t want to look through rows and rows and rows and ask “how much” multiple times and still walk away with something you’re not really sure about cos there was another option but you can’t tell.

You check on all e-commerce platforms in Nigeria and you see really really pricey stuff because they’ve added “commission”. And they’re not even all that! You can’t track your order and you call the site CS and they tell you to hold on. And those social media pages that go Zap on you? Dear Lord!

Sometimes we have to design our products and then we outsource to the manufacturers. We produce abroad, we design for the Nigerian Market. HephieBrown is a Nigerian based jewellery brand with foreign partners in Switzerland, India and China. We also curate from local designers in Nigeria.

Our Mission

To bring novelty adornments to our customers in a convenient and affordable way.

Our Vision

To champion the trend of made in Nigeria steel jewellery and export to the world.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be the premier go to online store for novelty adornments in Nigeria with a combination of customer satisfaction, bewildering assortment and affordable prices!


It all started before she knew what puberty was, her mum’s jewellery chest never rested. Soon she was piecing metal and beads together to satisfy her love for unique (queer, eclectic?) pieces. Yes, she understands the thrill of uniqueness. She knows all about those necklaces that hang from metal hooks in balogun market and those gold knuckle ring in yaba market. And she thought to herself, this..is..not..fair! She became inspired by the intimate relationship people have with jewellery.

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So in 2015, armed with her first #20,000 she looked underneath rocks and ocean floors and brought forth these really unique products that sold out like small chops on a hot Sunday afternoon. She realised she was good at giving people what they don’t even know they want!

And after 3 years in Jumia our CEO and chief curator, Hephzibah Osinubi, decided to give the corporate world a break and start the first e-commerce platform for fashion accessories to bring to you everything you did not find.