Return Policy

Hephie Brown offers a 48 hour return policy for unworn, unpacked items. If something goes wrong with an eligible product and you notify us within 8 hours of receiving the item, we will help you to reach a satisfactory resolution such as a return for replacement/exchange, or refund, contacting us does not automatically mean any of these will take place until a resolution is reached.

Return Expiration

After 48 hours, return policy expires and refunds/returns/exchanges are no longer covered. However, if you are dissatisfied with an item for any reason and the return policy has expired, you can still contact us and we will try to help if we can.

Return Shipping Fees

Kindly note that you will be responsible for the shipping cost back to Hephie Brown except for wrong product shipment.

Rejected Returns

If return is not authorized, this will be communicated along with the relevant reasons. If return is authorized, you will be sent an authorization along with appropriate information on where to drop off the item. The item should be returned in its original packaging with all accessories intact. The item should be in the same condition it was in when delivered.